JY Electronics is providing a varity of spring contact probe solutions for In Circuit Test and Functional Test to help customer solve the test issues. JY offers a mass of tip styles to handle the test components. We are good at the test solutions and delivering the value and solution to our dear customers, we are reliable with the order fullfillment.

Test Probe Types

​JY Electronics offers a wide range of spring contact probes, we focusing on semiconductor spring probes, standard contact probes and etc., 

    Bead Probes Test Solutions

    JY Electronics provides a few of spring contact probe tips for engineer to test the bead probe on trance, our spring contact probes can efficiently keep the pads from punching and increase the passed rate of contacting.

    Very Fine Pitch IC Test Probes

    ​Smaller and smaller contact pitch confuses our customer in nowadays. We are offering ultra-thin grid contact probes to solve 170 micrometer to 500 micrometer test pitch.

      How Does A Test Probe Work?

      ​It’s critical to understand how does a spring contact probe work, this will bring a brief of a contact probe working on a test fixture.

          How To Apply Working Stroke?

          ​In order to get a high passed yield, the working stroke is usually applied in a wrong way by the operators, and it caused huge of issue on the In-circuit Test and Functional Test, and figure it out is a key.

            What Is A Test Probe?

            ​It is helpful for new man to easily understand what composed of a spring contact probe.

            Wireless Receptacle Solution

            Wireless sockets fixture design comes so popular for ATE test line, wireless receptacle can reduce the space and simplify the fixture structure, keep the circuit stable contact and prolong life.

            10 highlighted tips for engineers to keep a good attitude to maintain the spring contact probes. More operation and environment catch more eyes on use the spring contact probes in a correct way, we advise it.

              How To Test The FPC Board?

              25 point serrated crown could efficiently contact the gold finger on the FPC board and keep a stable contact, we recommend customer can apply this tip to FPC board test.

              Tips Selection

              ​To many customers, how to select a right contact probe tip seems so hard to do. We are trying briefly to tell you how to choose a probe tip solving the test issue on ICT test and FCT.

                Fakra Test Pogo Pins

                ​We are proud to provide customers from 2GHz to 6GHz fakra plug/ connector test solution.

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