Q: What is a spring contact probe?

A: On fuctional, we could understand spring contact probe as a contact lead of a voltage or current instrument.  Contact the test component to get the signal to find the printed circuit line short or open.   more could click here what is a spring contact probe

Q: How to find the right probe to test?

A: According to different test components and fuction, we should keep eyes on choosing probe tips, right travel, and appropriate force. 

we have suggestions on probe typesHow to apply the working stroke, Tips Selection

Q: What spring contact probe should be used to test OSP processed PCB?

A:  J100-21-090-28 (100mil probe) and J075-21-065-28( 75mil probe) are designed for testing OSP processed PCB with high precision and puncturing.

Q: What minimum diameter of the spring contact probe?

A: 0.17mm diameter spring contact probe could be manufactured. 

Q: Can we overuse the working travel?

A: Definitly no, Overusing the working travel will break the spring working life and bring the issue on puncturing the PCB. 

Q: What is different between standard probe and high current spring contact probe?

A: High current spring contact probes are designed for high current functional test requirement, will use special design and outstanding surface treatment to finish the manufacturing process.  High Current probes can definitely carry big power current to and perform better than standard contact probes.

Q: Do you have a good suggestion on pad on trance test?

A: We have some suggestions on how to test pad on trance. please try here Bead Probe Test Solutions

Q: How to test RF signal on BGA or fine pitch connectors by spring pogo pins?

A: Specialized designed and manufactured spring pogo pins can test the RF signal of BGA or Connectors on GSG modular socket.

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