Probe Blocks

Interface Probe Block( Pogo Block)


JY's probe block interfaces test board to translation board, as like semiconductor test machine pogo tower. We provide standard probe pin blocks for ATE fixtures on In-Circuit Test and Functional Test.

To electronically test aspect, popular standard pogo blocks with 128 and 256 pins could reduce circuit resistance and keep stable performance, also bring fixture houses an easy and adjustable assembly method which minimizes the fixture dimension of the total fixture.


Signal Contact Probe Block


JY Electronics builds lots of signal contact probe blocks for the FPC connectors and Radio Frequency, incorporating fine pitch, low signal, high signal over 40GHz test solution. we concentrate more on low loss to offer lower compression force interconnect solutions for high-frequency signal interconnection for Automated Test Equipment (ATE) and telecom equipment that require signal rates at very high density.

Custom Probe Block

JY Electronics accepts custom probe blocks, please contact us if you have any inquiry sales@jyprobe.com

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