About JY Electronics


  • History

JianYang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2008, located in the beautiful city Shanghai of China. We are now developing into a concentrated in test solution product company based on the supermarket in China. JY is working on our business upholding technology first and customer service as core competitiveness.
JianYang Electronics has always adhered to the concept of quality first since its establishment, and most of the cooperation companies are working on electronic equipment, computers, desktop assembly foundry, and brand end users, Although we are a company for more than ten years, we even served nearly 100 electronics manufacturers.
Obviously we own the inherent concept of quality, and we provide our customers outstanding service and problem-solving, this keeps us ahead of our competitors, we deeply understand the situation of customer testing online and give out perfect and optional test solution to online engineers. We helped a few customers develop some patent cases in special environments, reduces millions of dollars per year on In-Circuit Test and Functional Test.
We can propose valuable suggestion and advice from solder paste molding to recommendations and optimization of online test solutions, and mid-stage issues solving.

  • Technical Strength

JianYang has our own core designing and process ensuring low resistance test, high temperature, high current, high speed, radiofrequency and special contact. We have been engaged in many years of researching how to test by the probe itself designing
We can also provide the suggestion on how to check the probe point to DUT( tested material), how to judge the perspective of the fixture structure, the Fixture accuracy and parameter optimization for the fixture board holes. These were our experiences we ever study with customers.
Helping customers is to help ourselves.

  • Customer Assistance

JianYang is always keen on new customer service, we will give priority to providing customers with problem-solving, also will train our customers on how to use our products correctly, how to maintain our products. JY Electronics provides probe technology seminars to designers and test engineers by video conferencing or local lectures in addition.
JY will provide 24/7 contact service, please try to contact us sales@jyprobe.com

  • Staff Team

Since the establishment of JianYang Electronics, we are cultivating the team standing designer’s thoughts and minds. At present, our engineers have the abilities to design and processing control.
Among us, we have some engineers of 30 years designing experience, and many 10 years of mechanical experienced staffs, this ensures our high precision and high quality.

  • Cooperation

Perhaps you cooperated with many large and huge companies, but please kindly give us the opportunity to be a partner with you. JY will never let you down on your expectations.

We are looking forward your contact.

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