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JY Electronics offers a great quality production or solution with reasonable price on a short lead-time. we are not only producing products, but also giving out a better solution for contacting.

 What we can provide to customers

  • Short Lead Time
  • Reasonable Price
  • Unique Quality
  • Fast Service
  • Custom 

We gather lots of experts and professors to design and research new materials and solution for our test probes and radio frequency cables

A wide range of products from JY Electronics provides final package test( BGA, QFN, LGA etc), in-circuit test( ICT), functional test( FCT), RF test and fixture designing industries and factories an outstand-ing opportunity to meet customers' great and challenging requirements. We have 0.17mm( 0.006'') diameter fine pitch probes to 3.16mm( 0.187'') large pitch probes, battery contacting, ATE interfacing, high-speed transmission, high radio frequency test. 

JianYang is dedicated to the success of our customers by being a world-classical provider of innovative spring contact probes ( pogo pins) to the semiconductor test industry and In-Circuit Test and Function Test factories( Electronics Manufacturing Service).  JianYang, first established in 2008, offers a wide spectrum of spring contact probes ( pogo pins), probe pins and RF Cable Assemblies designed to meet the unique challenges of each customer.  As a leading provider of contact solution, we at JianYang are committed to delivering value-added solutions through our product offerings and expert customer support.

JY Electronics offers competitors probes cross service for you with JianYang refered part number.  Please contact us if you have any problems.

Competitor Part Number Cross

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