Battery Probes

JY Electronics provides a high-performance battery test probe or load contact probes. Our battery probes will be used for battery contact charges, camera accessories data-transmission modules, mobile phone charge holders, notebook power charger and so on.

Most battery probes have been used in modules by injection molding coming along with long lifespan, low resistance, and high electrical and mechanical properties in accordance with customer requirements. Many probes will be designed to specific performance requirements, similar to excellent current capacity, constant force pressure, waterproof-level injection probes, high voltage contact probes, non-magnetic battery probes, no interruptions in a million times probes, and welding tail contact probes, etc. JY always challenges the world-class battery probes design requirements and special design.

JY provides more technical and more application of battery probes to ensure your design more flexible and effective, to match the performance of the product, our cost control will also bring you a price advantage and design in advance.

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