Wireless Receptacles Solution For ATE Fixture

Many large test fixture houses have always used wire wielded receptacles or soldering receptacles to make the fixtures. The receptacle can get the current flowing over from receptacle tail to interface pins on the interfacing board through the wires.

Conventional test fixture gets at least hundreds of test points, sometimes it gets more. Especially for server test fixture. Due to the wire receptacle application, the operators will spend numerous of hard work to carefully calibrate the wires from the fixture board connecting to the interface board, furthermore they are not well drained and beautiful.

And the wire test fixture has nothing better on performance and space-saving.


So, the wireless receptacle fixture brings engineers a few of obvious advantages.

1.     Finish the wiring system issue, looks briefly and clean and easier to analysis the issue.

Obviously, largely applied wire receptacles brings the fixture manufacturer the wire system issue. If a fixture got 500 test points, the operator should connect the receptacles and interface pin each time, so it costs double time to do this job, also it’s very difficult to structure these cables. And when it comes a issue, engineers would spend too much time to check every wire. But you could put more time on DUT when you utilized the wireless receptacles on the fixture. It saved much more time on sorting the issue of test fixture.

2.     The utilize of wireless receptacle on a test fixture could effectively solve the signal transmission issues

Usually we all know wire is a long and thin conductor in fixture and high resistance one.

It is fine to check open or short in a print circuit board line, but it is hard to verify a high speed or frequency signal by using wire contact. Wireless receptacle contacting will be a better way to transfer the special signal and keep low loss and reduce disturbing, effectively solve many test requirements when the circuit board is much more complicated.

3.     Wireless receptacle application can reduce at least 30% weight of test fixture, and save a huge space.

Most wire receptacles take more space versus wireless receptacles, wireless receptacle fixture could save a lot on board materials and aluminum alloy frames. This is so nice to operators, at least the lighter the saver.


JY Electronics offers ranges of wireless receptacles 0.039’’, 0.050’’, 0.075’’, 0.100’’ test pitch.

The tail compressed force is less than 100grams, the entire length will be shorter than 40mm.

R039-05 0.039‘’ inch ATE Test Probe Wireless Receptacle

R050-05 0.050‘’ inch ATE Test Probe Wireless Receptacle

R075-05 0.075‘’ inch ATE Test Probe Wireless Receptacle

R100-05 0.100‘’ inch ATE Test Probe Wireless Receptacle

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