Test Probe Types

In the vast electronical test industries, the application of test probes is very extensive, and people usually classify test probes according to the applications.

There are many test occasions in the electronics industry, such as Wafer Testing, Packaging Testing, PCB bare board testing, In-Circuit Test and Functional Testing (FCT) of load board, as well as Batteries Test.

According to the differentiation of functional test, engineers divided test into Open/Short Test, High Current Test, High Frequency Test, Switch Test and etc.

1.   Semiconductor Test Probes

Nearly most of semiconductors are applied on BGA, LGA, QFN products test, those are very fine pitch probes, even cover with high frequency and high temperature.

They are compromised with double-ended probes and single-ended probes, some works for burning test, some work for functional test. JY provides from pitch 0.3mm to 1.00mm probes solution.​

2.   Standard ICT and FCT Probes

Namely we called ICT and FCT probes test probes in short, starting from 39mil to 187mil test pitches, those test probes are used to check loaded PCBs and Server Boards.

3.   Threaded/ Screw-in Probes

This type test probe can test terminals of wire harness or cable blocks, can cover from 50mil to 150mil test pitch. We should consider high current by using threaded/ screw-in probes.

4.   Interface Pins/ Terminal Pins

The interface pins are generally special-custom pins according to test fixtures or tester (Teradyne and Keysight).

5.   High Current Probes

High-current probes are often designed to test some power and high-current modules, they specifies from 10-100Amps even higher.

6.   Battery Probes

Many charging products all over the world have been used battery probes for current charging. Basically, there are covered by injection modules. A few of high-quality battery probes will be applied to photographic equipment or   magnetic connectors.

7.   RF Spring Contact probes

RF spring contact probes are made to test a varity of rf signal boards or components,  from DC to 10GHz, from fakra to Board-to-board connectors, applicated on wifi modules, bluetooth modules, Antenna and etc.





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