RF Power Splitters( Power Combiners, Power Dividers)

Within the RF and microwave community, power dividers have served a prominent role for years. The main function of a power divider is to split a given input signal into two or more signals as needed by the circuit/system. A typical application for a power divider is to split a signal to feed multiple low power amplifiers, and then have the signals from the amplifiers recombine into a high power output signal. Another power divider application and the inspiration for this thesis work, is within a phased antenna array system. In this system a signal is either fed through an equal split power divider featuring a specific number of output ports, or a series of equal split power dividers. The split signals are then fed through phase shifters and then to an array of transmitting antennas. The phase difference between each signal being transmitted allows for electronic beam scanning, allowing the transmitted beam to be focused in different directions depending upon the phase difference. 

JIANYANG offers a wide range of  Power combiners( power splitters or dividers) 

  • DC to 70GHz, 
  • Mutiply ports from 2 way to 64 way. 
  • Low Insertion and Return Loss.
  • Customizing option.


4 Way Power Splitter

2 Way Power Splitter

3 Way Power Splitter

6 Way Power Splitter

8 Way Power Splitter

16 Way Power Splitter

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